2020-2021 Virtual Scholarship Recognition Dinner

October 29, 2020

The Berkeley College Foundation, established in 2015, has awarded more than 18 student scholarships for tuition aid that total more than $40,000, started a Food Pantry at the Newark campus for all students, and provided discounted MetroCards for eligible Berkeley College students in New York City.

The Berkeley College Foundation celebrated the achievements of nine scholarship recipients during a virtual scholarship dinner on October 29, 2020. Highlighting the several accomplishments the foundation has been able to achieve, Dipexa Gandhi, Executive Director, shares:

“I am filled with gratitude when I look to how far we’ve come and I am impatient to keep going. I want to thank everyone here who has been part of building the Foundation where we have opportunity to help students benefit as their needs are sometimes more than just what we can do inside the classroom. It is a goal and an accomplishment to provide students an exemplary college experience, one that they will carry on into their careers. I want students look back at their college time and find themselves growing into the professionals they dreamed of becoming. Our students require support in significant ways, whether it is just to listen, or support in other ways such as using our food pantry, tuition costs and transportation. There are barriers we may all come across or remembering facing when we were in college. I hope we can continue working towards making these challenges less of an obstacle”. –Dipexa Gandhi

The Berkeley College Foundation scholarship award program began in 2018 when eight students received the awards that would help them meet the expense of tuition. In 2019, another 10 scholarships were awarded, for a total of $40,000 in tuition aid. As long as the student maintains eligibility, the $1,000 scholarship award per semester remains in effect for the duration of the student’s program. In addition, contributions from the Berkeley College Foundation helped to establish a Food Pantry at the Newark, NJ campus for all students, and helped provide discounted MetroCards for eligible students to meet their transportation costs in New York City.

At this year’s virtual dinner, the Foundation also bestowed the Distinguished Alumni Award to Jason Cutinella, Founder & CEO at NMG Network.

The Berkeley College Foundation Scholarship recipients honored at the event are:

  • Mobolaji Adigun-Koonce, Newark Campus
  • Tasleemah Al-Qadir, Newark Campus
  • Nayeli Carretto, Newark Campus
  • Perla Guzman, Woodland Park Campus
  • Stephanie Ferron-Riley, Newark Campus
  • Jocsan Roca, Middlesex Campus
  • Christopher Veerapen, New York City Campus
  • Darren Washington, Newark Campus
  • Joyce Williams, Newark Campus

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